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Elderly Diet

Finding the right dietitian for Elderly near you in Delhi has never been easier! Certified best nutritionist for Elderly in Delhi for your Lifestyle Wellness, Dt. Nidhi Sawhney provides you Best Diet Plan.

Diet Plan for Elderly

Dietitian for Elderly in Delhi, Best Dietician for Elderly Diet in Delhi, Nutritionist for Elderly Diet in Delhi. With advancement of age, the energy needs are reduced as a result the total quantum of food intake is lower while the requirement of most of the other nutrients remain unaltered. Therefore, it becomes all more important to provide adequate amount of nutrients with decreased energy levels.

• Intake of energy rice foods like fried, sweets, starches need to be reduced.
• Products like milk and milk products, fresh fruits, vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables should be included to meet vitamin and mineral needs.
• Dietary fibre has a beneficial effect in various condition associated with constipation, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.
• The quantity of food given need to be decreased, but the number of meals may be increased.

Apart from diet, we advise regular or periodic health checkups and weight monitoring also help in physical fitness and early detection of complications, if any.

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